FastDrama Wet Woman in the Wind - 風に濡れた女

Wet Woman in the Wind - 風に濡れた女

Category: Japan Movie 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Thriller, Romance
Release: December 17, 2016 Runtime: 77 mins
Status: Completed Country: Japan
Language: Japanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Yuki Mamiya, Tasuku Nagaoka
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One afternoon, Shiori, a very sexually active young woman working in a café, is riding her bicycle and cuts off Kosuke, who is pulling a two-wheeled cart. Once a recognized playwright, Kosuke now lives a quiet life in a mountain hut, far away from the city, in the hope of escaping his past. But after their first encounter, he will soon be caught in Shiori’s web of sexual desires…
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