While You Were Sleeping - 당신이 잠든 사이에 - Episode 12 (Sub)

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76 comment(s)
shiela 5 days ago
how nice story
Cheysen Mahilum 6 days ago
scarlet hearteu 12 days ago
episode 15-16 couldnt watch with the 360 player. admin, pls fix.
Mahamud Rahama 14 days ago
Finding it difficult to download korea drama series
ronanlopez 15 days ago
pano download?
ronanlopez 15 days ago
Ella Gonzales 16 days ago
Ella Gonzales 16 days ago
Sab 17 days ago
Super ganda talaga ng while you were sleepinggg 😍😍😍😍
Lui navarro 17 days ago
The video is not playing
Dianne 20 days ago
how to download?
Dianne 20 days ago
Jenelyn 21 days ago
Queentinay 23 days ago
hannah mae mata 33 days ago
hannah mae mata 33 days ago
najjaf 33 days ago
Hey, admin, the video wont work when i click 720p.It just opens another tab of the vieo that wont work.
Zainabu Jalloh 34 days ago
Seoul Korean drama
Ron 37 days ago
can't download episode 12. Thanks!
Jaztine 38 days ago
I can't download ep 15+16... Pls fix it... The moment its downloading it will lead to failed download..
beatriz sim 40 days ago
I'm looking forward in using this website
danika 40 days ago
mmsn 40 days ago
episode 12 cannot download
Ka 40 days ago
Hi admin, download link for episodes 23-24 for openload say episode 12 it´s ok ?
Admin 40 days ago
@chellsy | Ep 21 & 22 is working now
chellsy 40 days ago
episode 21 and 22 its not working,i cannot open the video...please fix it please
chellsy 40 days ago
please admin can you please fix your video,please put hard sub on it please it so so so hard to download without hard sub...please
Admin 40 days ago
@chanti | 21,22,23,24 are subbed already, change browsers if you can't watch
chanti 40 days ago
Eng sub for ep 21,22,23,24
sukywal 40 days ago
I'm dying to watch it.
Samaya 41 days ago
Can't watch full screen on episode 20.
Jaztine 41 days ago
@Admin i can't seem to download ep 15-16... The links are not working, resulting to failed download... Pls fix it..
Zobaidah Bustaman 41 days ago
Was flagged with "Your IP is locked due to invalid access" and to contact admin. Please assist to unlock the IP. Thank you.
arnel 45 days ago
BTOB princess 53 days ago
@admin please fix 15 & 16 episode I can't download with eng subtitle
BTOB princess 54 days ago
@admin I can't download with eng subtitle please fix it thanks
Najjaf 55 days ago
the wont work, like it wont even start. Can you fix it please :)
Admin 55 days ago
@Angela Lim | Pls try again
Angela Lim 55 days ago
Now both 13 n 14 have no subs
ayrie 55 days ago
please make download links for ep 13-14 too!! 😄
cc 55 days ago
Yes please bring openload back. It gives the least problems downloading.
Admin 55 days ago
@Emma | We're fixing, tks for report!
wh 55 days ago
@admin there is something off with EP 14 at 4.00. Please help thank you!
Emma 55 days ago
Subtitles are out of sync in ep 14 can you please fix it? Thank you
adrielle 55 days ago
the subtitles are out of sinc!
Samaya 55 days ago
Unable to go full screen on ep 14.
adrielle 55 days ago
the Subs' timing are all wrong!
prativa 57 days ago
very good loved it♡
lynn 58 days ago
Unable to download from both sources. Usually i use Openload but it says error loading for Episode 12
Asma 61 days ago
Where is the server ok. I can only watch on server ok because I have a weak connection. Plz. Help me put it again plz
BTOB princess 61 days ago
@admin please help me I can't download EP 11 & 12 with eng sub title please fixed it as soon as possible thank you for your hard work :)
BTOB princess 62 days ago
@admin please help me I can't download EP 10 with eng sub title thanks
Hennje 62 days ago
Where's the link for episodes 9-12?
nawa 68 days ago
Where is link for download ep 7 and 8... ? It disappeared already..
nawa 68 days ago
seriously, i'm not enough with only 30 minutes per episode.. It should be 1 hour.. Aigooo...
Nie21 69 days ago
I can't wait to watch this drama
BTOB princess 69 days ago
@admin thank you for the fastest uploading drama
aja 71 days ago
h 73 days ago
file not found for ep three and four
hema 73 days ago
so good
Lilia 75 days ago
I really love to watch Korean movie, it's my favorite all the time
Xiu 75 days ago
horrible I can't download
Xiu 75 days ago
Dawn 76 days ago
I like this drama
BTOB's princess 76 days ago
@admin when I download drama there is No eng sub title help please
BTOB's Princess 76 days ago
yessss my two fav drama hospital ship & While you're sleeping aired at same Wednesday & Thursday I just love these drama so much
Hennie 76 days ago
Where's the download link for the actual episodes?
ooshain 76 days ago
durga 76 days ago
I am nt being able to watch it online
Maki 76 days ago
Please lemme download TT
Sha 76 days ago
reajean 76 days ago
Im excited to watch
Anta 77 days ago
fira 79 days ago
Cant waittt
ANGEL 84 days ago
I would like to download this Korean Drama, While You Were Sleeping. I can't wait to watch this drama
ANGEL 84 days ago
Please kindly give permission to download this drama
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