FastDrama Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village returns for Season 4

Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village returns for Season 4 - Ep12 END

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Yay! A fourth season of Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village is in the works, and Lee Seo-jin (Marriage Contract) has already confirmed that he will be returning to work with Na PD. I watch and enjoy all of Na PD’s shows, including the currently airing New Journey to the West 4 and Useless, Mysterious Trivia Dictionary, but I’m happy to see him going back to one of his tvN flagship shows, in what will be the seventh installment in the Three Meals a Day series. There’s no broadcast schedule yet, and Na PD’s busy with his two shows that are airing now, but I’m just glad to hear that Lee Seo-jin will be reuniting with Na PD, and that Eric (Oh Hae-young Again) and Yoon Kyun-sang (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) are considering offers to return. They had a pretty great dynamic in the last season, and I just hope Yoon Kyun-sang brings his two cats with him again if he does confirm. Lee Seo-jin’s reluctantly growing affection for the various animals in each season are always a highlight. I crack up whenever I think about Lee Seo-jin’s longstanding “purely business” relationship with Na PD, because what started out as a guest stint on 1 Night 2 Days five years ago has spawned into multiple successful variety franchises, and an image transformation for the actor. Who knew that grump was so funny, and that the “art school hyung” would end up winning the variety Daesang at tvN’s award ceremony? It sounds like they’re planning to start filming in July or August for Season 4 of Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village, which means we can probably expect the show to air in the fall. Will Na PD ever get some rest?
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