FastDrama Return of the Lucky Pot - 돌아온 복단지

Return of the Lucky Pot - 돌아온 복단지 - Ep122 END

Other name: 回來的福丹芝,단지 널 사랑해 ,Return of Lucky Pot,I Love You Dan Ji,Dolaon Bogdanji, Return of Bok Dan Ji,Danji Neol Saranghae
Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Family, Romance, Melodrama
Release: May 15, 2017 Runtime: Monday to Friday 19:15
Episode(s): 122 Status: Ep122 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: MBC Language: Korean
Cast: Kang Sung Yun, Go Se Won, Song Sun Mi, Lee Pil Mo
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This is a drama about a woman who is poor but proud, meeting a prince who has hit the ground and realizes the true meaning of love and family. Bok Dan Ji (Kang Sung Yun) supports her family as a bus driver for a private institute. She meets Han Jung Ok (Go Se Won) who is from a wealthy background and then falls in love with her.
8 comment(s)
Chaewon 55 days ago
Admin, please let us, your customers who are waiting to watch this drama, know if there will be English Subtitles for this Korean drama.
Hansuin 105 days ago
English subtitles, please
Sohyang 115 days ago
Will there be English subtitles for the drama?
Chris 139 days ago
My whole family are waiting for the English subtitles.
davina 177 days ago
Dear Admin, will there be English subtitles for this drama series? It looks promising and i am sure many fans of kdrama look forward to English subs. Thank you.
AngelaB. 178 days ago
Looks good with talented actors. Please sub.Thank you
davina 184 days ago
Really hope this drama series will be subbed. The main actors and actresses are veterans.
Lin 203 days ago
Looks good, but after 60 episodes, the tendency of going down hill is expected. Dreading the end of any long drama as that is when the writer hits the wall and starts throwing silly cliches.
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