FastDrama Game Maya - เกมมายา

Game Maya - เกมมายา - Ep17 END

Other name: Superstar's Game, Illusion's game,
Category: Thailand Drama 2017
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Romance
Release: May 25, 2017 to Runtime: Wednesday, Thursday
Status: Ep17 END Country: Thailand
Language: Thailand Subtitle: English
Cast: Kasetsin Puttichai, Nilkuha Warattaya, Chaowalit Pitchaya, Juntapun Natcha, Tanjararak Kavee
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Our heroine is the star number #1 in Thailand, with her pictures and novels every day in newspapers and magazines and dispute with other actresses from the agency. The girl was given the nickname "Sassy Angel" and although she doesn't like this and gets very angry, she doesn't give it much importance. A fortune teller told her that she's in danger and soon she was attacked by a mysterious guy, so this matter forced her to hire a bodyguard. Our hero hates stars because his ex-girlfriend left him to become famous. Material difficulties forced him to become her bodyguard and at the same time pretending to be her boyfriend for her safety. But then there is his ex-girlfriend who is eager to resume the relationship and in addition, without realizing he starts falling in love with the heroine. But many people will prevent this relationship, with envy and greed from the colleagues. Is falling in love with a simple bodyguard possible? And who attacked her?
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Redi 135 days ago
Hi admin..y there is no 360p ep 12-13?
Yannis 144 days ago
Hi Admin, EP 10 2nd part after 34mins was the part from EP 8. Can you please help fix it? Thanks!!
Shiya 153 days ago
That joy..n idiot....what d hell she is's irritating
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