Download King of Mask Singer - 복면가왕 (Watch Online)

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Chris 8 days ago
Episode 110 was uploaded as episode 109. Please reload episode 109
Beverly F. Veradio 16 days ago
how can i download these video po .?
Hansuin 19 days ago
Episode 109 is a duplicate of episode 110. Please fix episode 109. Thanks
Chaewon 28 days ago
Episode 109 is missing. Episode 110 is posted as eposide 109. Can you please fix.
Chaewon 29 days ago
Admin, thank you for fixing episodes 106 to 116.
Chaewon 29 days ago
Get error message "We can't find the file you are looking" when trying to download episodes 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 113, 115 & 116. Please fix. Thanks
Karyn 130 days ago
It is running man attached to episode 120 and not king of mask singer
chocobin 151 days ago
DEAR ADMIN, provide download button for the latest episode please...
Dana 438 days ago
There is this comercial @ 1hr 30 min after that comercial all subs get out of sinc ...can u please fix
arye 459 days ago
no admiN everytime i play server 3 it say the video has deleated or bloc
tepsshi 463 days ago
Im here because of kookie haha Thanks you guys are the best site ever! you all have the drama and TV Show that i want to watch
jongrin 471 days ago
dear admin,i really thankful that u shared this episode. i was searched and its so hard. really thanks to you, so i can watch chen moment. btw, do u have any subtitle for this eps??
Admin 473 days ago
@arye | It's still working.Pls try again. tks
arye 473 days ago
all video is blocked admin
arye 473 days ago
admin can u add server 3 from ep 57 please thank you
jo 494 days ago
ep68, sound like Choi Jin Hyuk?
sgpx 495 days ago
seems like they are collecting videos from different sites... but neway i enjoy watching
Melanie 504 days ago
Then Episode 31~33 the download link doesn't work at all. Please fix it as well :(
Salina 504 days ago
can you sub episodes 20-33 please? i would really like to read it and enjoy.... If yo can sub those as soon as possible, I would be very grateful ^^ much appreciated.
Melanie 506 days ago
When will you sub episode 12~33? It has been awhile. Please sub it :( I really wanna watch it :(
donna 523 days ago
Please English subs for episode 31! Thank you so much!
Dana 529 days ago
ep 44 arrownd 90 min subs is not in sinc same with previous episodes can u fix pls
Dana 534 days ago
When will u sub 12-33.. been waiting so long....
Admin 536 days ago
Thank for report. i'll fix shortly
Millova 536 days ago
ep 62,sub are messed up at very important part after reveal my King identity,please fix it.thank u.
PA 536 days ago
Episode 41 will NOT play?! Message says "Media could Not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is Not supported". FYI it's NOT my server or network since Episodes 1 through 38 played and Episode 42 played. Please Fix problem so we can watch Episodes 39 through 41. Thank You Very Much!
Admin 536 days ago
i'll fix soon. Thanks!
PA 536 days ago
Episodes 39 to 40 will NOT play?! Message says "media could NOT be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is Not supported"?! Please Fix so video can be payed. Thank You Very Much!
fanlover 577 days ago
How come you can download some episodes and not others? =( Is there a reason for that?
kenzyx 596 days ago
please sub 21-22 T_______T
sabah_0o0 600 days ago
you are my last hope
sabah_0o0 600 days ago
please I have been looking for the episode for 2 months but I didn't find them please fix the episodes from 12 to 38
sabah_0o0 600 days ago
from episode 12 to 38 is broken. please fix it
Hafiz 632 days ago
I really need to see ep 26 with eng sub.. Thnx Admin
Karyn 668 days ago
The subs on Ep 43 go out of sync at 1:35:27
steven tan 670 days ago
why until now king of mask singer ep 12 still no subtitle? i teally need to watch that ep. please kindly help me. thankyou
Maddoxxx 672 days ago
omg 1:08 that was xjapan song offense but nobody can sing it better than toshi...
Admin 686 days ago
Sub 686 days ago
Ep34 to 40 are broken links.
Admin 737 days ago
Hi. You can inbox our fan page. We'll inbox to you if new episode be subbed. Fanpage :
Siti 737 days ago
Hi. May I know when can we watch the eng sub... please...
keragh 768 days ago
the eng sub is very much anticipated by many including me.
jaden 770 days ago
eng sub please :(
Admin 775 days ago
@haru You click to link episode what you want to download.
haru 775 days ago
How do I download this episode?
SpiritedAway93 779 days ago
I've been searching for episode 9 with English sub for a month now and still I haven't found any.. Where did our beloved subbers go? =( ENGLISH SUB PLEASE! :(
Admin 780 days ago
We'll update subtitles for this drama as soon as possible. We welcome you back to check for updates. Thanks for your visiting.
noda93 780 days ago
please update eng sub!!!!!!
kpop_lover 785 days ago
please update eng sub soon
Farah 790 days ago
its very good website. thenk you so much to share this.
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